We All End Up In A Box

Dear Beautiful Souls,


Untitled-1In the morning is where you hear yourself best, especially when walking through a cemetery. I know that sounds odd, but I decided to go to the Woodlawn Cemetery upon the recommendation of someone I met. She said she found great peace there. I had been feeling “off” the last few weeks and felt a need to refocus. I found myself driving there in the summer morning as if my spirit was calling me to go.  I knew I was in need of something, and I was on my way hopefully to find it.

I drove through the beautiful cast iron gates and entered the long tree lined road until I approached a circular driveway. It was there I found my spiritual resting place, among the dead. I walked along the wet grass leaving a trail that marked my path towards a religious themed mosaic art piece shinning in the bright sun.  This majestic masterpiece depicted many images of Christ and I was in awe of the artist hands that created this work.  As I got closer I realized I reached the special place I was told about. I found a beautiful purple labyrinth that seemed to lie beneath my feet like a concrete magic carpet.  I innately began to inhale and exhale, inviting calmness to my body. I paced my breath slowly, as I took my first steps into the winding pattern, designed for self-discovery.

Labyrinths are thought to have an ability to help the subject who enters, reemerge at the exit reborn. There is only one path way in and one path way out. The sign that marked the labyrinth stated one should imagine shedding the old version of the self, using the walk as a form of meditation. Upon reaching the center one is to allow for enlightenment and I did just that. Once at the center of the labyrinth, I sat with my inner stillness. I admired the mosaic of Christ and fixed my gaze upon his arms reaching out as if he was calling to me. I knew I was physically alone, but not spiritually alone. I began to pray and felt the presence of my inner self become stronger. I spoke frankly to God about my needs, my worries and my frustrations. As I asked for guidance I heard the following words in my ears, “live for the life you want, not the life you have.”

After several more minutes of listening and pondering, I began to exit the labyrinth. As I meandered through the pattern, I heard a series of questions from a voice outside my head. I answered each question out loud with one word.


  • “How do you want to see your life?” My answer was, “peace.”
  • “How do you see your children living?” My answer was, “happy.”
  • “How do you see your business?” My answer was, “healing others.”
  • “How do you see your future partner?”  My answer was, “best friend.”
  • “How do you want to feel in your career?”  My answer was, “fulfilled.”
  • “What do you want your relationship with God to be like?” My answer was, “trusting.”
  • What feelings do you want to have when you think of these things? My answer was, “peace.”


These questions left me feeling stretched and expanded. Feeling emotional, I walked towards the end of the labyrinth and proceeded to the portion of the cemetery where many deceased people are in boxes. I paused as yet another question/thought entered my mind. “At the end of the day we just all end up in boxes, so how do you want to live out your life? The remains of these people represent the end of their chance to live their best life. Their life is over and yours isn’t.”  Looking down the aisles of lovers, children, and parents forever gone, I felt a deeper appreciation for the delicate nature of life. I continued to look at their pictures, flowers, letters and objects left beside them. They all had a story and someone who missed them dearly.

Digging deeper into my soul’s quest, I had a yearning to ask myself more. So, I want to ask you the same question I asked myself,   “How do you want to live before you end up in your box?” My answer was simple, “define a new meaning to living outside the box.”

For me this statement feels like not restricting God. As I walked to His arms in my meditative walk, I was reminded He is infinite and all knowing. He knows us and wants us to be happy while living our truest versions of who we are. His desire is to allow us to learn at the right pace and experience peace in between. To achieve fulfillment we must take the first step into our own labyrinth within. There is one way in and one way out of this human experience. Everything in the middle is our choice. We can walk beside others, pass them along the way, or wait for them to catch up. Either way you come in alone and leave alone. You are the only one accountable for your life decisions.

Perhaps sit with your hands over the place that connects your body and soul. Listening through your heart in meditation will yield answers. The words and questions that you need to hear will flow in if you just turn on your light signaling for help from above. The mosaic of your soul is being constructed and God is the artisan. He is waiting with His arms extended to meet you halfway.  Walk towards your box, knowing that you deposited the real you in the end.


Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive